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persistence is a kind of belief

Yeeran Technology Limited, founded in 2008, is a professional animal testing equipment supplier and service provider.

From the beginning,Yeeran has expanded the products from a single variety to the present 4 series and 30 products, becoming a product solution provider.


Over the past decade, the company has offered products and services for pre-clinical research in more than 700 laboratories in mainland China.

Yeeran is always taking an active part in the research and development and promotion of animal experimental equipment, and has established close cooperation with major hospitals, universities, research institutes and equipment enterprises.


Yeeran, for all these years, putting honestly based and learning spirit of constant exploration for utilization, has been dedicated to promoting domestic brands to a broader world stage.


In August 2018, the CEO of Yeeran was invited by a program called Credit China from CCTV to receive an exclusive interview with financial anchors to introduce the situation of China's experimental animal field and Yeeran's development.


On August 17, 2018, Yeeran was awarded a "" credit certificate" "by the ministry of commerce of China for business integrity and scientific research innovation.


Persistence is a kind of faith, and focus is an attitude. On this principle, Yeeran has been working hard for more than ten years!

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