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Pre-clinical small animal ultrasound imaging system Vinno 6 Lab

Yeeran takes the lead in launching the first portable small animal ultrasound equipment. It is a high-frequency and high-resolution small animal ultrasound imaging system developed for experimental small animals, providing researchers with non-invasive continuous analysis, high-resolution image quality and quantitative analysis of tissue structure and blood flow velocity.

Through dedicated hardware and software designed for mice and rats, as well as optimized ergonomic operational design, it provides cost-effective application tools for researchers in cardiovascular research, gene expression pattern analysis, tumor research and drug development.






 more than 10 years of experience about research and development of Color Doppler ultrasound

 100+ R&D engineers,50% has more than 5 years of


 115 patents,4Software Copyrights

 Italian A’Design platinum award


The world's first RF metadata platform

opens a new era of ultrasound diagnosis








Blood flow with a velocity of within 1mm

 High Resolution

 self-developed image processing algorithm based on lossless signal

 multi-order computations zoom, closer to true values

 the back-end processes 40 times more signals than conventional

 High Dynamic Range, HDR

 Nonlinear Demodulation

 Improve the tiny details displayed

 High image contras

 High boundary clarity


The main system



The main system uses FPGA chip from Altera. In FPGA field, Altera accounts for 41%market shares, keeping as a leader in market and technology. Its performance of large-scale system data makes the image subtle and guarantees the high performance and long life of the system.




High Frequency Probe with Excellent quality



23MHz high frequency probe,excellent superficial development





RF Flow is filled but not spill out          Xcen: Ultrahigh frequency superficial development


VERMON high frequency probe from France


VERMON has been committed to design and manufacture advanced and unique transducer technology since 1984. It is VERMON's strategy to provide customized products for global customers with innovative ultrasonic diagnostic patterns. Vermon has been a leader in piezoelectric composite technology.


High Frequency Probe with Excellent quality


The quality of a probe mainly depends on the following components: sound lens, matching layer, transducer, backing material, cable. VINNO probe is impeccable from material, design to manufacturing process.

 Top material :Composite piezoelectric ceramics and single crystal are adopted to improve the image penetration. Meanwhile, advanced XTech technology can effectively increase the resolution by 20-40%.

 The higher the probe frequency is, the thinner the piezoelectric crystal thickness is, the more likely it is to be damaged. VINNO adopts first-class piezoelectric materials to improve reliability and reduce damage through non-pin interface design.

 VINNO ultra wide probe can effectively broaden the acquisition horizon with its 256 array elements compared to traditional probe with 128 array elements. Meanwhile, the adaptive frequency was set to was set to improve the image quality of different tissues and organs.



types of experimental animal



 Guinea pig




 Miniature Pig









Tracking contrast




Micro magnetic navigation—Accurate positioning in vitro



Complete functional modules:cardiac measurement kit



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Application Fields



From different Chambers of the heart morphological structure, coronary heart and great vessels research combined with heart type B ultrasound M type ultrasonic imaging, can effective real time record in the heart of the cardiac cycle of each movement phase morphology change and cardiac function measurement, can be carried out on the indexes of blood flow velocity of blood flow measurement, at the same time to measure the heart cavity volume change.

It can be applied to the small animal experimental research of basic medicine of cardiovascular diseases, such as common myocardial infarction, myocardial hypertrophy, heart failure, hypertension and various experimental animals such as rats and mice as models to study congenital heart disease.



It can detect the sectional images of blood vessels, accurately measure the thickness of arterial wall and the size of lumen of experimental animals, and measure the intima, middle and outer membrane of blood vessel wall.


3、 Micro magnetic navigation

Used for accurate positioning in vitro, fixed-point tumor implantation, fixed-point drug injection.



Tumor tissue can be accurately detected without any markers, and the area and volume of any radial distance can be measured.


5、developmental biology

Research on the embryonic development of experimental animals can be achieved from early embryonic development to new birth to adult with its built-in functional modules.


6、Abdominal viscera

The liver, kidney, spleen and other tissues and organs are imaged by high-resolution two-dimensional imaging. The blood flow and tissue perfusion imaging are detected in vivo in real time.


Long axis M-type mice



Mice short axis M type



Mouse long axis B type



Mouse aortic arch



Mouse kidney blood flow



Mouse papillary muscle level



Mice liver


Umbilical artery blood flow in mice



Rat short axis M type



Rat long axis M type



Rat short axis type B



Rat long axis type B



Rat aortic arch



Rat fetal rat heart blood flow



Rat apex four chamber



Rat liver



Rat kidney


Vinno 6 Lab Cardiac vascular structure and functional examination of small animal ultrasound in mice