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Laser Speckle Imaging System

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SIM BFI-HR Laser Speckle Imaging Systemis designed based on the new LSCI (Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging / LSCI) technology, with unique non-contact, high temporal and spatial resolution and technical advantages of full-field fast imaging,which provides a real-time dynamic blood flow monitoring and video imaging recording method for basic research in life sciences and clinical medicine. It is a vital basis for understanding tissue, organ pathology or physiological indicators. The instrument does not require any contrast agent, the time resolution can reach the order of milliseconds and the spatial resolution can reach the order of micrometers, which realizes the real-time observation of blood flow distribution status of microvascular and functional requirements for relative changes in blood flow values.


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Basic reserch of life science

The process of  Cerebral stroke model blood flow reperfusion

Fig aNormal cortex;

Fig bAfter the establishmentof stroke model;

Fig c:After removing the stroke model;

Fig d:After 24 hours




Temporal and spatial changes of cerebral cortex blood flow distribution during middle artery embolization and release




Changes of blood flow in carotid artery embolization model in mice



Blood flow measurement of lower limb in mice