Yeeran invites you to attend the DEMO DAY hold by AALAS for its members

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2021-04-02 15:56


AALAS is an association of professionals that advances responsible laboratory animal care and use to benefit people and animals. It is a member association composed of professionals employed by academia, government and private companies around the world. These professionals are committed to the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals and to promote the quality of laboratory animals . Scientific achievements that benefit humans and animals. AALAS provides educational materials for laboratory animal care professionals and researchers, implements certification programs for laboratory animal technicians and managers, publishes academic journals, supports laboratory animal scientific research, and becomes an exchange of information and expertise in care and use the premier forum of knowledge about experimental animals.


In the 21st century, mankind will enter a new era of life sciences. As the basis and condition of life science research, experimental animal science has been widely valued by all countries in the world, and huge human and material resources have been invested. This is because in the field of biological sciences human experiments are not allowed. We must use experimental animals to explore the origin of organisms and uncover the secrets in them. In this process, we also need to ensure the safety of small animals in experiments.

YEERAN is willing to make a contribution to life science experiments, actively participating in the World Laboratory Animal Science Conference, discussing and communicating together, and sharing the instruments and equipment independently produced in China to all over the world. Provide safer scientific experiment equipment for small animals and contribute to the industry.


  On October 13-16, 2019, YEERAN participated in the annual meeting of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science in Denver, and on October 13-16, 2019 E-Ren YEERAN participated in the annual meeting of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science in Denver.
►   In March 2021, YEERAN officially became a commercial member of AALAS.


YEERAN is honored to be invited by AALAS to participate in the DEMO DAY from April 27th to 29th
A total of 36 companies participated in this conference. As the only invited exhibitor in Mainland China, YEERAN invites everyone to watch!


The following times are all CT time in the United States






The latest animal experiment equipment and solutions will be showed on the DEMO DAY , Welcome to watch!

Tuesday morning, April 27 :https : //

Tuesday afternoon, April 27 :https : //

Wednesday morning, April 28:

Wednesday afternoon, April 28:https : //

Thursday morning, April 29:

Thursday, April 29 afternoon:https : //