Yeeran Technology Limited, founded in 2008, is a professional animal testing equipment supplier and service provider. From the beginning,Yeeran has expanded the products from a single variety to the present 4 series and 30 products, becoming a product solution provider.

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Yeeran takes the lead in launching the first portable small animal ultrasound equipment. It is a high-frequency and high-resolution small animal ultrasound imaging system developed for experimental small animals, providing researchers with non-invasive continuous analysis, high-resolution image quality and quantitative analysis of tissue structure and blood flow velocity.
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Super-resolution ultrasound imaging is a cutting-edge ultrasound technology. The traditional ultrasound imaging system has a classic contradiction between resolution and penetration. Its resolution limit is limited by the wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the significantly increased ultrasonic absorption, which seriously limits its imaging. depth. Traditional ultrasonic resolution is around 100 microns. Ultrasound super-resolution imaging has at least a ten-fold increase in resolution compared with traditional ultrasound, while maintaining the penetration and field of view of traditional ultrasound imaging systems. On the premise of non-invasive, it brings opportunities for dynamic imaging of blood vessels with higher temporal resolution. It has broad application prospects in the research fields of diseases closely related to the microvascular system, such as cancer, neurological diseases, and kidney diseases.
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The laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) technology is designed to provide a new and effective means of blood flow monitoring and imaging for clinical medical and basic life science research with its unique non-contact, high-resolution, full-field and fast imaging technology advantages.
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