Release Time:

2024-07-01 18:19

GLP-PLANET 2024 conference will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia from July 3rd to 5th, 2024. YEERAN is honored to participate, engaging in discussions on cutting-edge topics in preclinical research. We eagerly look forward to joining industry colleagues at this event, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and exploring the latest developments in the field of preclinical research.


GLP-PLANET is an annual conference that brings together leading experts in the field of preclinical research, representatives of pharmaceutical companies and regulators, representatives of professional associations and communities, experts in the field of quality management systems and good laboratory practice (GLP).

The goals of the conference are to disseminate knowledge and create a unified information field in the field of good laboratory practice, develop a unified strategy in the field of drug development and research, humane treatment of laboratory animals, personnel training, development of the industry, which will contribute to the introduction of domestic drugs to the foreign market.


In this field full of opportunities and challenges, we look forward to meeting you. If you will also be attending #GLP-PLANET 2024, then we are very excited to meet you.