2023 Annual Meeting of the KVBM

Release Time:

2023-09-11 17:01

The KVBM (Korean Vascular Biology and Medicine) Annual Meeting 2023 will be held from September 14th to 16th at Conrad Seoul Hotel in South Korea. The Korean Vascular Society was established in 2000 and has been actively involved in vascular biology research for the past 14 years. Since 2003, they have been organizing joint seminars between Korea and Japan, among other cities, to promote domestic vascular research. Through ongoing activities, the society fosters sincere academic exchanges and close collaborations among researchers.


As the leading society in vascular research, the Korean Vascular Society focuses on basic and clinical studies, the development of new technologies, and integration of new drugs and diagnostics. They publish the latest news in vascular biology through journals and professional books, and organize academic conferences and lectures. They contribute to the advancement of vascular biology research, clinical studies, and public health improvement through collaborative research and international academic exchanges.


YEERAN will showcase the VINNO6 Lab portable ultrasound imaging system for small animals at the conference. With its cost-effectiveness, YEERAN aims to provide customers with more possibilities and a unique and powerful solution for cardiovascular basic research.


We look forward to meeting you in person at Conrad Seoul Hotel in South Korea in 2023, where we can learn together about experimental animal sciences, make new friends, and further strengthen our collaboration.