【YEERAN】Traveling through the Qinggan Great Circuit lights up the soul of the team!

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2023-08-08 00:00

In July 2023, YEERAN welcomed an eagerly awaited group building trip. Employees from all over the country gathered in Lanzhou and embarked on a thrilling and touching journey of the Qinggan Great Circuit.

The poets wrote about the desert style, the infinite scenery makes people breathtaking, and their hearts yearn for it. The beauty of the Silk Road through the ages is China's and the world's. We traveled all the way to the west and explored the marvelous natural wonders.Translated with DeepL.com (free version)


Zhangye Seven-color Danxia (Gansu Province)



Mingsha Mountain Crescent Springs




Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, Gansu




Emerald Lake and Chaka Salt Lake



Qinghai Lake (Tibetan: mtsho-sngon)



Kumbum (Chinese Ta'er), monastery in Qinhai, formerly Amdo province of Tibet




With you guys along the way, this is the most beautiful scenery. Eight days of traveling together, we feel the harmony and beauty of collective life in every moment of the trip. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, tasted the food, listened to the history, savored the culture, and talked about the friendship, the Qinggan Tour was safe, smooth, fulfilling, happy and successful!