YEERAN Year-End Event || Sharing Common Ground, Advancing Rapids

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2024-02-02 00:00

Sanya, known as the "Oriental Hawaii" tropical paradise!

Recently, YEERAN held a 7-day collective activity in the beautiful Sanya.

This activity is not only a joyful group building trip, but also witnessed the solemn and warm signing ceremony of the fourth phase of equity incentive of YEERAN.


Fourth Equity Incentive Signing

Speech by Mr. Pang Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors


The ceremony opened with a speech by Mr. Pang Jun, Chairman of Yiren Hengye: YEERAN has been in business for fifteen years, and nearly half of its employees have more than ten years of working experience, which has become the cornerstone of the company to withstand the wind and waves from small to large. Looking back on the past fifteen years,YEERAN has built a double helix development code with two key factors: learning and enterprising inspires us to innovate and break out of the cocoon; and win-win cooperation makes us form a community of destiny.The joining of every new employee, every solemn commitment, and the growth of everynewcomer in the workplace are the embodiment of the continuous vitality and vigor of Yiren Hengye. Because we are always evolving and pursuing excellence, which is the unchanging pursuit of Yiren Hengye.


At the Equity Incentive Signing Ceremony, we welcomed three outstanding new members and witnessed together the company's recognition and honoring of the thirteen equity incentive recipients. This unique honor is not only a praise for individual contributions, but also an affirmation of the results of teamwork.

The three newest members


On-site signing and awarding of equity certificates


2024 Ride the Dragon and Set Sail to Your Dreams


Let's look forward to it together, create it together, witness it together, and make progress together toward our common goal


Group building activities

The moment the fish bites, the little ones are so happy that they look like a group of explorers who have discovered a new continent, shouting excitedly, their faces filled with undisguised joy.


In the deep forests, canyons and clear streams, against the current, overcoming the obstacles in the terrain, we trust each other, tacit understanding, help each other, face the challenges together, and move towards success together!



YEERAN always believes that the power of team is infinite. And every team activity is a moment for us to enhance cohesion and improve the spirit of cooperation. In the future, we look forward to more partners to join us and write a brilliant chapter of Yiren Hengye together.