Chinese Innovation, Global Attention | VINNO Portable Small Animal Ultrasound Settles in Asia's Premier Research Center <Singapore National Heart Research Center>

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2024-03-06 13:52

The National Heart Research Institute Singapore (NHRIS) is a world-class research institution dedicated to the study, treatment, and prevention of heart disease. The center has an outstanding reputation in the cardiovascular field, boasting advanced facilities and a professional research team. Through continuous innovation and international collaboration, the center has made significant achievements in heart health, contributing important advancements in the treatment and prevention of global cardiovascular diseases. NHRIS is the first heart center in Asia, outside the United States, to receive the prestigious accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI).


NHRIS has established partnerships with numerous international and local research institutions, medical facilities, and academic institutions, aiming to advance research and treatment in the cardiovascular field. This includes collaboration with one of Asia's top medical colleges, Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore. Through these partnerships, NHRIS is able to share resources, research findings, and professional expertise to drive research in the cardiovascular field.



As the spring work commences, in order to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the international reputation of domestic equipment, a journey to Singapore has been embarked upon to conduct real-time on-site equipment installation training for customers. During the training process, the technical personnel from Yirenhengye demonstrated the outstanding performance, ease of operation, and extensive application of VINNO portable ultrasound devices with rigorous and meticulous work attitude, garnering high praise and trust from the faculty and students through in-depth interactive discussions, addressing various issues related to equipment usage.






Since the introduction of the VINNO portable ultrasound device in 2018, the installation volume in the market has reached nearly 200 units, winning high favor among a large number of scientific research users. What's even more impressive is that the number of high-quality academic papers using the VINNO small animal ultrasound imaging system has surpassed a hundred and continues to rise. These papers have been published in top international journals such as the authoritative cardiovascular journal "Circulation," as well as "Cell Research," "Cell Discovery," "Nature Biomedical Engineering," and others.




Yirenhengye has been expanding its overseas sales since 2020, establishing solid partnerships with companies in multiple countries, dedicated to providing excellent products for global scientific researchers and empowering domestic intelligent manufacturing equipment to shine on the international stage.