VINNO6 LAB small animal ultrasound supports Scope &AD instruments Open Day: Right heart pressure and cardiac electrophysiology detection technology!

Release Time:

2024-03-29 00:00

March 28th to March 29th. VINNO6 LAB small animal ultrasound supports the "Scope-AD Instruments Joint Open Day". This open day focuses on the theme of "Right Heart Pressure and Cardiac Electrophysiological Detection Technology", covering a number of theoretical knowledge sharing, application case display and experimental operation demonstration.




As a co-organizer, YEERAN provides technical support for small animal ultrasound testing. Small animal ultrasound is of great significance in the evaluation of right heart function.



YEERAN took the lead in launching the first portable small animal ultrasound equipment. It is a high-frequency and high-resolution small animal ultrasound imaging system specially developed for experimental small animals, providing researchers with non-invasive continuous analysis, high-resolution image quality and tissue structure. and quantitative analysis of blood flow velocity. Through hardware and software specifically designed for mice and rats, as well as optimized ergonomic operation design, it provides researchers with cost-effective application tools in cardiovascular research, gene expression pattern analysis, tumor research and drug development.




The Open Day provides a platform for colleagues to share experimental technologies with others, and promotes academic and technical exchanges in the field of basic cardiac research.