The clouds are gathering momentum to create brilliance together. Yiren Hengye 2024 Dealer Conference

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2024-04-13 00:00

The warm sunshine of spring and the beauty of April

In a season full of life and hope

Yiren Hengye 2024 Dealer Partner Conference

Arrived as expected and ended successfully!

Build dreams with ingenuity and keep your original intention, work hard and forge ahead to write a new chapter

Thank you for walking together and going to the future together!


At 14:00 on April 9, the live broadcast of Yiren Hengye’s 2024 Dealer Conference was held as scheduled. Through cloud live broadcast, we use the cloud live broadcast platform to showcase a variety of products, cutting-edge technologies and their application fields to partners across the country.








Among them, the VINNO6 LAB small animal ultrasound imaging system is widely used in the fields of medicine and scientific research due to its non-invasive, real-time, high-resolution and multi-parameter analysis capabilities, providing an important reference for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The VINNO ULTIMUS 9 LAB super-resolution ultrasound imaging breaks through the resolution limit of traditional ultrasound imaging and achieves 10 μm-level microvascular imaging, providing a more accurate diagnostic method for scientific research and clinical practice.

In addition, we also demonstrated cutting-edge technologies such as the new photoacoustic comprehensive imaging platform and NETRI organ chip. The photoacoustic comprehensive imaging platform has become the first choice tool for biomedical researchers with its 360-degree horizontal full-circle imaging method and excellent performance. The NETRI Organ Chip can construct a three-dimensional (3D) human organ or tissue microenvironment in vitro to simulate its structural and physiological functional characteristics; it can be used in neurological diseases, drug screening, toxicology and pathology, etc.; it provides more scientific research Breaking ideas.










Looking forward to the future, Yiren Hengye will continue to uphold the concepts of openness, cooperation and win-win and move forward hand in hand with all partners. We thank all our dealer partners for their enthusiastic participation and support, and firmly believe that the trust and support of our partners will be our strongest source of strength on the long-term development path of Yiren Hengye. Let us work together to set sail and brave the wind and waves to create a brilliant future!