Exhibition Review|Yiren Hengye made a wonderful appearance at APS2024

Release Time:

2024-04-16 16:20

This year's American Physiological Society (APS) will be held in California, USA from April 4 to 7, 2024.




This event focused on experts, scholars, and scientific researchers in physiology-related disciplines around the world to discuss cutting-edge scientific research progress and seek innovation and development.




Yiren Hengye once again appeared at the APS annual meeting and demonstrated the portable small animal ultrasound imaging system VINNO 6 LAB and the super-resolution ultrasound imaging system ULTIMUS 9LAB. These two systems attracted the attention of many participants with their excellent performance and cutting-edge technology.





As a leader in portable small animal ultrasound imaging systems, VINNO 6 LAB has been warmly welcomed by scientific research users for its portability, efficiency and accuracy. Its unique design and excellent performance enable scientific researchers to conduct small animal ultrasound imaging experiments more conveniently, providing strong support for biomedical research.


The ULTIMUS 9LAB super-resolution ultrasound imaging system has led a new trend in ultrasound imaging technology. This system achieves the perfect combination of high imaging depth and high resolution by breaking through the limits of traditional ultrasound imaging resolution. Its unique ultrafast ultrasonic plane wave technology can obtain super-resolution microscopic imaging and achieve 10 μm-level microvascular imaging.


This exhibition concluded successfully. In the future, Yiren Hengye will continue to provide more reliable products, services and solutions for global life science research. Looking forward to seeing you again next year!